Q: Will applying a coat of paint get rid of the dampness in the walls?

    A: No. It is important that the dampness in the walls is cured first.

    Take the help of professionals who do damp proof chemical jobs      

    before you repaint your walls or the problem will recur.











Q: Can I apply paint on lime washed surfaces?

     A: No paint can grip surfaces in lime. Remove the lime completely

  by wire brushing, sand papering, etc. Lime is alkaline in nature,

  therefore, 100% lime removal and checking pH value is must.












Q: What is the white fluffy deposit that appears on my walls?


   A: If there are white fluffy deposits or white spots on the wall your walls        are victims of efflorescence. This occurs due to evaporation of water         from the solution of soluble walls which rise to the surface.









Q: How do I clean surfaces affected by efflorescence?


  A: Wash the effected surface with wire or coir brush with 10%  

  phosphoric acid solution (P2So4) solution. Allow the surface to dry

  completely before washing it with clean water and drying it yet again.











Q: What type of paints should I use in my Kitchen and Bathrooms?

 A: Kitchens and Bathrooms are places that are constantly in use,

 they are essentials so we suggest Master Sea Shell Matt Enamel

 because it provides wash ability and water resistant protection.












Q: I need to repaint my house, can Master Paints help me?

A: We are here to help, and are only a phone call away. All you have to

do is call our Free Paint Advisory Service and we will visit you personally

and suggest what paint you should buy as per your needs. Our color

advisors will guide you to nearest retail outlet where you can purchase

the required quantity of paint. Paint Advisory Service: 111-333-465










Q: What type of paint should I use for Doors, Windows and Cabinets?

A: Master Synthetic Enamel, Master Sea Shell Matt Enamel is recommended for doors, windows and cabinets.

Q: The exteriors walls of my home become dirty and shabby after some time. I use Interior Emulsion Paint  and have to get them painted nearly every year which is expensive and proves to be a lot of hassle, what should I do?

A: Our specialized exterior paint Master All Seasons Weather Resistant is the perfect solution for that. The exterior walls of your homes are exposed to extreme weather elements like the sun, rain, dust, smoke, wind and temperature variation. Master All Seasons Weather Resistant is a special paint for exterior which resists against harsh weathers.

Q: I need to paint my house with Emulsion at very low cost. What should I purchase?

A: We suggest you use our Master Super Emulsion, which is a high quality Emulsion at the cost of distemper.

Q: Is there any order to painting a room?

A: Yes, Painting a room in the correct order will save time and cost. Begin with the ceilings (1), walls (2), doors and windows (3).

Q: Is there a recommended time to wait before painting a newly built house or newly plastered walls?

A: There is no fixed recommended time to wait before painting on fresh plastered walls. As long as the walls are dry and fully cured one can paint it.