Oil Base Paints

We have 4 products in our oil-based products section, each is available in a variety of paint colors and and sizes.

 Master Matt Enamel

Master Matt Enamel (Sea Shell Finish) is a high quality paint which is suitable for interior surfaces such as wood, metal, and masonry. Especially formulated and designed for kitchens and bathrooms because of its moisture resistant quality, and can be used both interior and exterior surfaces.





Synthetic Enamel

Master Superior Synthetic Enamel is fabulous class synthetic enamel having no comparison in quality. It provides a tough smooth film which is washable and high resistant to mechanical areas. The composition of this paint is based on high quality long oil alkyd resin and long-lasting pigments


 Glitter Metallic

Master Glitter Metallic Finish is a high class exclusive synthetic enamel with smooth glossy quick air drying properties, providing fantastic film formation. It is based on high class long oil alkyd resin and pigments and available in different wide range of colour.




 Mixing Silver 

Master Mixing Silver  is a High Quality solvent based paint with an

aluminum finish.